Master’s degree program: European and Pan-American Languages and Literatures
Class: LM-37 - Euro-American Languages and Literatures
Taught in Italian

General aim

To acquire in-depth knowledge of two foreign languages and literatures (European and/or North and/or South American), in addition to advanced competence in other domains, such as philology, foreign language teaching, and history.

  • "Didattiche e metodologie" (in Italian)
International opportunities
  • Double Degree programme in cooperation with Ruhr Universität Bochum (MA Degree in Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft)
  • Excellence Initiatives grants
  • General Erasmus programmes.
Main career prospects

In the field of teaching, language consultancy, translating, and/or cultural mediation; in the organization of cultural events and/or in multimedia communication.

The MA programme envisages a specific group of lessons and workshops on the translation of essays and literary works; in addition, students can be admitted to internship programmes both in Italy and abroad.


Suitable candidates have a BA in Foreign Languages and Literatures or equivalent programmes and have already acquired at least 36 ECTS in two foreign languages (18 each) and 36 ECTS in two foreign literatures (18 each) – see the Italian site for further details.

All candidates will be interviewed prior to admission, the only exception being for students who are transferring from other LM-37 programmes or who got their BA degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures in the previous five years with a mark of at least 100/110.

International students from EU countries follow the same admission rules as Italian students; international students from non-EU countries should first read the guidelines at


The programme offers a tutoring service aimed at assisting newly-enrolled students, helping and advising them as regards their studies and in compiling their study plans. Tutoring activities are equally envisaged for students about to write their MA dissertations.