MD Clinical Psychology - curr. Clinical Psychology for Individuals, Families and Organizations (taught in English)

Master's degree program: Clinical Psychology for Individuals, Families and Organizations
Class: LM-51 - Psychology
Taught in English


The purpose of the Degree is to prepare a new professional psychologist who is capable of dealing not only with the personal problems of individuals, couples and families, but also with work-related problems, their development in enterprises, institutions and non-profit organizations.
Aside from lectures, courses are characterized by active learning through exercises, role plays and group work.
Students will be given the tools to work in macro-social contexts, to promote a satisfactory balance between the needs of individual empowerment and business objectives, taking into account the sustainable development of business in both national and international contexts.
In particular, they will receive adequate preparation to carrying out a selection of personnel, "team" and "one to one" coaching in companies, institutions and non-profit organizations, to handle issues related to the management of the decision-making process, of communication and of the social skills of organizations and institutions.
Students will also learn to design preventive interventions aimed not only at individuals, couples and families but also at companies, institutions and non-profit organizations.


A Three-Year First level Degree or equivalent.