Cultural associations and activities

LUBERG - University of Bergamo Alumni Association
AEGEE Bergamo
Aegee Bergamo

Via San Bernardino, 72/E Bergamo


A.E.G.E.E. (Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l’Europe – European

Students’ Forum) is a politically independent, non-profit European University Organization.

Its main purposes are:

• to foster the integration of Bergamo and foreign students of the University within Erasmus and exchange programs; in particular, AEGEE provides foreign exchange students with logistical support on arrival and during their stay, collaborating with the International Office for the organization of guided tours and tutoring

• to promote European cooperation and integration in the University environment

• to organize trips and recreational events (mountain weekends – skiing, rafting – holiday farm trips with Erasmus and exchange students), cultural exchanges, summer abroad programs (Summer Universities).

The Organization supports the Tandem Project, inspired by a system already experimented in several Universities to facilitate contacts with foreign students living in Bergamo.

Any student who wants may subscribe to the website using their personal credentials (username/identification number and password) normally used for other University services.

ASAB – African Students Association of Bergamo

President: Daniel Agyare   
Vice President: Marie Therese Vanessa Ngue
Secretary:  Mbene Mbacke
Treasurer: Nianf Ndeye HDiama


A.S.A.B. (African Students Association of Bergamo) is a non-profit University Organization of students from the University of Bergamo. Its main purposes are:

  • to contribute to the integration of African students both at University and at institutional and social level
  • to be an intermediary between African students and Italian Institutions
  • to promote the African culture


CLU - Centro laboratori università

Via Cherubini 13
24044 Dalmine (BG)

President: Mirko Agazzi

Centro Laboratori Università organizes free emotion management and musical interpretation courses as well as singing and music culture courses for the students of the University of Bergamo.

The Organization promotes at least two singing courses every year and takes part in various events and shows at local and national level and is always open to collaborations with the teaching staff for carrying out educational projects and workshops that have always enjoyed widespread success and appreciation:

• shows included in the UniBergamoRete event with bands and soloists musical performances

• final show for the Missouri Project: intercultural exchange between the students of the University of Bergamo and the University of Missouri

• organizational and artistic collaboration with the University of Bergamo: musical performance for Christmas greetings

• extraordinary performance on the occasion of the a.y. 2013 opening event, that also saw the establishment of the choir of the University of Bergamo

The decision-making and executive body of the CLU of Bergamo is the Assembly of Members, composed by students of the University of Bergamo that makes its decisions by absolute majority.


Internationalist Committee of the University of Bergamo

Circolo Operaio di Bergamo
Via Zanica 1, corner via San Giovanni Bosco

President: Luca Vicini

Internationalist Committees are self-financed, non-profit student associations present in many Italian Universities and high schools and in some European Universities and not linked to any parliamentary policies.

The purpose of the International Committee of the University of Bergamo is to promote conferences and debates among participants on the following topics:

• in-depth analysis and investigation on current global issues

• in-depth analysis and investigation on global economy dynamics

• in-depth analysis of the issues concerning the world of work at Italian, European and international level.

In an increasingly chaotic world where ideological scrap such as racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia have never stopped treading the boards, together with the political use of religions that send thousands of young people off to slaughter for interests that, in our view, have little or nothing to do with faith, we propose a broader vision that puts national, ethnic and religious differences aside in the belief that we all belong to the human species and that our horizon must necessarily be the world.


CUT – University Theatre Center

Largo Roentgen (Auditorium Circoscrizione 2)
24124 - Bergamo – Loreto Area


President: Carlotta Premoli                          
Vice President: Stefano Ronzoni                       

The University Theatre Center organizes acting courses for the students of the University of Bergamo.

The Association continuously produces theatrical performances, promotes and takes part in theatre reviews within the national territory and is always open to collaborations with the teaching staff for carrying out educational projects and workshops, like the successful experiences with the teachings of Russian and Spanish language of the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures ​​and the Chair of History of Theatre of the Department of Letters, Philosophy, Communication of the University.

The association keeps all the members interested in continuing in acting and in expressive arts in touch with one another, and periodically repeats its productions during events or theatre reviews of the Bergamo and national area.

Although our initiatives are only promoted among and addressed to the students of the University of Bergamo, this does not preclude the participation of students from other Universities and, in general, of non-students, as we believe that the content of our activities is incompatible with any kind of selection.

The decision-making and executive body of the CUT of Bergamo is the Assembly of Members, composed by students of the University of Bergamo that makes its decisions by absolute majority.

The University recognizes us through the activity of the culture commission of the University.

ESN Bergamo (Erasmus Student Network) - SEI Bergamo (Students Erasmus International)

Via San Bernardino, 72 – Room 11 - Bergamo

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Bergamo is a politically independent, non-profit student association founded in 2011 by former Erasmus students. Its purpose is to support student exchange programs, to provide information and any kind of help voluntarily given by its members.

The main objective is to ensure that any students coming for an exchange program are well received, that they obtain all the information they need and are immediately engaged in local students life. For this reason, every semester we organize welcoming weeks, regional and national trips, social and cultural events, sports activities and weekly events.

FUCI Bergamo – Italian Catholic Federation of University Students

Group Presidents:

Martino Pesenti Gritti   
Giulia Rocchi    

Fuci is a Federation of young University students whose goal is to build a mature Christian conscience oriented to ecclesial and civil co-responsibility and to support the journey of faith.

The Organization offers a path for the integral formation of the person through in-depth cultural, theological and spiritual studies in the style of research, dialogue and comparison with culture.

To find out about the activities we offer please visit our website or write us an email.

Junior Enterprise Bergamo

Via dei Caniana, 2 Bergamo

President: Zulma Mamani Ajarachi 
Secretary: Federico Buelli 
Treasurer: Mame Fama Fall

The Organization "Junior Enterprise Bergamo" is a non-profit student association based in Bergamo, which pursues the promotion of cultural, social and/or recreational activities for the benefit of the students of the University of Bergamo. It also aims at carrying out projects, studies and researches and applying the practical-technical theory learnt throughout the courses to real cases, as well pursuing the organization and/or participation in conventions, conferences and workshops that promote the development of the entrepreneurial culture.



Via dei Caniana 2, Bergamo

President: Nicola Rodeschini 
Vice President: Giorgia Innocenzi

Uni + is an Independent Organization founded in 2012 with the purpose of representing the interests of the students of the University of Bergamo. Our work is based on the collaboration between the representatives of the central and departmental bodies and on the constant and constructive dialogue with the other constituents of the University. In our representation activity, also supported by the organization of non-University activities such as parties, sports tournaments and cultural initiatives, we try to deconstruct the idea of University as mere physical place for examinations and lessons in favor of a concept of University as center of life, meeting and personal growth.