International seminar of Russian language and culture

Интенсивные курсы русского языка и культуры / Tестирование ТРКИ-ТОRFL (Puškin State Russian Language Institute)
International seminar of Russian language and culture

Started in 1970, the International seminar of Russian language and culture of the University of Bergamo can boast a broad experience in the teaching of Russian, availing itself of highly-qualified lecturers from various Italian and Russian universities. Among these latter, in particular, we must include the fruitful partnership with: IRJAP (Puškin State Russian Language Institute), MGU (Moscow State University), SPbGU (Saint Petersburg State University), RUDN (Peoples' Friendship University), Litinstitut (Literaturnyj institut im. Gor’kogo).

The seminar has always been a valuable opportunity of linguistic growth and cultural exchange for Italian and foreign students, through the direct contact and dialogue with lecturers and students of various nationality and origins, as well as a place to live a fruitful teaching experience for Italian and Russian lecturers.

Over the years, the seminar has been able to fit the new needs of Russian language teaching and purposes of its learning and in 2000 the University of Bergamo became the first university in Italy hosting the TRKI-TORFL exam to obtain the Russian language international certification.

The seminar offers the opportunity to attend one of the following intensive Russian language and culture courses at the student’s choice:

  • basic communication courses (beginners)

  • general communication courses (levels from A1 to C2)

  • specialization courses (advanced levels, from B2 to C2)

  • preparatory courses for obtaining the TRKI-TORFL international certifications and related exams, at the student’s request (levels from A1 to C2)

It is also possible to enroll in the chosen TRKI-TORFL certification exam even without attending a preparatory course organized within the seminar.

50th International seminar of Russian language and culture Program Leaflet

TRKI-TORFL international certification courses and exams

For further information on the TRKI-TORFL international certification courses and, at the student’s request, on the related exams, please check the dedicated pages.

It is possible to enroll in the selected TRKI-TORFL certification exams even without attending a preparatory course organized within the seminar.

Basic communication courses

Basic communication courses for beginners are open to those who want to quickly gain a general practical knowledge of Russian for use in daily situations.

These courses are specifically designed for those who have no knowledge (absolute beginners) or very limited knowledge (beginners) of the Russian language.

General communication courses

General communication courses are organized in four different levels, based on the actual level of knowledge of Russian (A1-C2) specified in the relevant item of the online enrollment procedure:

  • elementary (A1)

  • pre-intermediate (A2)

  • intermediate (B1)

  • post-intermediate / advanced (B2-C2).

General communication courses offer the following teaching activities, based on the level and specific needs of the enrolled students:

  • spelling, phonetics and dictation

  • grammar (morphology, cases and complements, verbal aspects, motion verbs, syntax)

  • “didactic” translation from Italian into Russian (especially for passing the Russian language written tests included in university exams)

  • lexicon expansion

  • development of oral and written communication skill (taking into account the various language types, styles and registers)

  • development of oral and written comprehension skills (taking into account the various language types, styles and registers)

  • elements of stranovedenie and kul'turologija.

To be added to the appropriate course level students should fill in each item of the online enrollment procedure carefully, specifying in detail all the information that can ease the identification of their actual level of knowledge of Russian. Particularly, a self-evaluation is required, from A1 to C2, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages). 

For a detailed description of the language-communication skills taught in each level specifically for Russian, please check the descriptors. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact the administration office Thursdays from 1 to 4 p.m. at this number: +39 035 205 2741.

Specialization courses

The enrollment in specialization courses is only open to those who already have a good knowledge of Russian (at least level B2). It is possible to enroll in only one specialization course among the ones proposed. In case a single specialization course does not start, a mixed course will be activated that cumulatively takes into account the various needs of the participants.

Furthermore, participants will be provided with useful information for their integration in the labor market.

  • Literary translation course 

    The course provides elements of Russian<>Italian literary translation, translation of complex sentence structures from Italian into Russian, special cases of use of verbal aspects and motion verbs, meaning and use of verbal prefixes, development of oral and written communication (with particular focus on the different language styles and registers).

  • Course of technical and business translation

    The course provides elements of technical and business translation, translation and drafting of documents, elements of consecutive interpretation, development of oral communication, comprehension of Russian news reports. Based on the specific needs of the enrolled students, elements of legal Russian will also be taught for translation of legal documents.

Educational and extracurricular activities

All the courses, including preparatory courses to obtain the TRKI-TORFL certification, offer Russian language lessons alternating with training activities related to the Russian culture, that are an integral part of the courses themselves, as well as extracurricular optional activities. Based on the availability of the lecturers of the seminar’s current edition, the cultural training activities are selected every time among the following:

  • lessons on Russian popular traditions and Russian culture in a broad sense (customs and traditions, superstitions, Russian cuisine, popular art and lubok, icons, visual art, literature, cinema, anecdotes, etc.);

  • lessons on history of art in Russian language, aimed at gaining a specific language knowledge in figurative arts, with subsequent guided tour in Russian to the gallery of Accademia Carrara in Bergamo;

  • screening of films in the original language (cartoons, documentaries, film adaptations of classics of the Russian literature, contemporary action movies, etc.) with presentation and comment in Russian;

  • listening of popular Russian songs, novels, contemporary pop music songs (with translation and comment);

  • lessons on inter-comprehension between Slavonic languages (Russian, Bulgarian and Polish) for students of level B1 or higher.

Furthermore, at the Language Centre of the University it is possible to access a wide range of audio-visual materials to complete self-study for in-depth language and/or cultural research.

During extracurricular hours, the seminar also offers a free consulting service on language and/or Russian culture issues to satisfy self-study needs and supplementary paid lessons of Russian.

Price for one academic hour of Russian language:

Individual: € 30;

In group (minimum 3 students): € 20 per person.