Complementary Degree Program in Global Business

Joint programs and Summer Schools are training programs carried out in partnership with foreign institutes and organizations aimed at broadening university disciplines from a transnational perspective.

The Complementary Degree Program in Global Business is a program that the University of Bergamo carries out in partnership with the University of Linz (Austria) and Nizhny Novgorod (Russia).

The students of these three universities spend an academic year studying at each of them, starting in Russia (from early October to Christmas holiday break), moving then to Austria (approximately from 10th January to the end of March) and terminating the program in Italy (from late March to late June).

The program is open to 2nd-year students of the Master’s degree in Management, Finance and International Business and the Master’s degree in International Management, Entrepreneurship and Finance who want to live a meaningful international experience.

The maximum number of students of the University of Bergamo eligible for this program is 10.

The program’s content is focused on management and financial subjects, studied from a global and multicultural point of view. The program will be taught entirely in English. Furthermore, students are required to take a language exam in one of the languages of the program (for Italian students, the choice is between Russian and German). The students will also attend the courses aimed at providing basic knowledge of economic, institutional and market contexts of each host country.

The program offers the following courses/modules:

  • Advanced Management Competence (International Management + International Marketing)

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Advanced Finance (Comparative Financial System + Risk management)

  • Cultural, Economics and Business Context

  • Language Skills (Russian and German)

Besides, students will be involved in the analysis and development of Business Projects. Business Projects, carried out during the third term, train students to work in global companies and to face the challenges of multiculturalism in economic and business terms.

The interested students are advised to reply to the call for proposals published. The selected students will receive 3,000-euro scholarships each to cover their mobility costs.