Incoming Erasmus students

The enrolment for Erasmus/Exchange students is done through the International Office (Ufficio internazionalizzazione).
The staff only receives upon appointment and provides support in both Italian and English.


Partner Institutions should send a short notice via email to Please refer to Admission Procedure Memo (see below).


  • May 15th: (Winter semester or the whole academic year)
  • October 15th: (Spring semester)

Before starting to fill in the forms, Exchange/Eramus+ students should first contact their International Office.

Application procedure
Students officially nominated  will receive from the International Office of UniBg an acceptance email and must fill out the Application on line (click “send” and print it) and collect the required  documents. Please refer to Admission Procedure Memo (see below). 

All documents have to be duly signed, stamped and sent by home University.

Deadlines to submit forms and documents are:

  • June 15th: Winter semester/academic year
  • November 1st: for Spring semester 

Incomplete applications (missing signatures, information, documents) or any application that is handwritten, or modified in any way, will not be accepted.


Language requirements

To be accepted as Incoming Erasmus/Exchange students is highly recommended to submit a copy of an official certificate stating the level of Italian competence since the courses are mainly taught in Italian.
The minimum recommended Language Level for Incoming/Exchange students in the framework of the Erasmus programme is:

  • A2/B1 for the attendance of courses held in Italian;
  • B1 for the attendance of courses held in English.

(Levels refer to the Common European Language  Framework -  CEFR).

2018/2019 Learning Agreement

Erasmus/Exchange students are requested to send the Learning Agreement for studies –before mobility- properly filled in, signed and stamped by the student and the student’s Home University Coodinator by the deadline specified below.

  • August 30th (students who come for the 1st semester/full academic year)
  • November 1st (students who come for the 2nd semester)

Please note: 

  1. The Learning Agreement should be typed and not handwritten.
  2. Table A and B are compulsory and must be completed in detail.


2018/2019 Course catalogue

Each Department sets and approves the Course catalogue. The 2018/2019 Course catalogues will be available from July onwards.
Please note that though most courses don’t differ from one year to the next, the semester in which the courses are held might change.

In addition, each Department offers some English taught subjects. See Departments.

At the  Department of Management, Economic and Quantitative Methods there are two special programs:

2018/2019 Academic calendars

Download departmental calendars.



As Erasmus/Exchange student you will be given the chance to rent a flat through the Accommodation Service of the University of Bergamo.
Before you apply, please make sure you have first completed the Admission/Registration procedure and sent all relevant forms to the International Office.

Before leaving Bergamo

At least one week before the departure Erasmus/Exchange students are obliged  to:

  • arrange an appointment by email with the International Office to check the career together;
  • submit the On-Line Questionnaire;
  • go the Accommodation Office to request the return of the deposit and how to leave your room keys;
  • return the books to the University Libraries;
  • email or bring the Confirmation of attendance/Certificate of departure to the International Office (the Home University usually requires a certificate stating the exchange/study period dates)

Transcript of records
The original transcript of records will be sent directly to Home University. Students will receive a copy by email.
The Transcript will be sent out:

  • in March - if you come for the 1st semester (Winter semester);
  • in July / August: - if you come for a full academic year or for the 2nd semester (Spring semester).

Please note that no preliminary transcript will be issued at the departure.

Only courses indicated in your Learning Agreement will be mentioned in the transcript  (the courses deleted and modified by the set deadline for the changes, will not be listed).
Moreover, if you decide not to take the exam or if the course is failed, on transcript the courses will be shown with an “F - fail” and “0”- no credits.

Please be aware that the Italian language courses will be mentioned in the transcript too.

ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) and Conversion Grade System
The use of ECTS is the only credit system which has been successfully tested and used across Europe, as it makes study programs and qualifications more transparent and facilitates the recognition of qualifications.
Universities that joined the ECTS system are required to use the new table of ECTS grades, based on the percentage distribution of grades. The ECTS scale, divided into 5 levels, was abolished and has been replaced by the ECTS labels.